“The common man is not concerned about the passage of time; the man of talent is driven by it” ―ARTHUR SCHOPENHAUER


This module focuses on the importance of managing one’s time for productivity and performance. Learners will develop time-management skills and take control of their time. In this module, learners will learn techniques in effectively channelling their energy and effort into tasks so as to bring better results through efficient use and management of time.


  • taking control of your time
  • delegating time
  • obstacles to time management
  • managing time wasters
  • dealing with procrastination
  • time management tools


  • Identify factors that create obstacles to managing time productively
  • Explore techniques to reduce ‘time wasters’ and increase productivity
  • Analyse reasons for procrastination and develop strategies to deal with it
  • Explore a range of tools for practising time management techniques