The Managerial-Leadership training programme is an exclusive training programme conceived, developed and designed by Cromwell Management Training, a division of Cromwell College of IT & Management, a government-approved sub-contractor for funded courses.

We are driven by the genuine desire to deliver a training programme that aims at skill development as well as brining real benefit to each participant on our programme.

We believe in a comprehensive approach—supporting you in meeting your needs and most importantly helping you in unleashing your hidden potential.

Our unique Managerial-Leadership training programme delivers high impact training sessions geared to bring about an outstanding performance in you. the core aim of the training is to build and sustain the skills and behaviours that are essential to your success.


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with the highest quality training at all levels with the right knowledge to enhance their management and leadership skills to make an immediate impact within their organisation.

We constantly revise our programs to ensure they are up-to-date, and delivered by sector qualified and experienced trainers. We make sure that the participants of our training programme get the best possible learning experience.

Through our training courses we provide different and unique perspectives (as you will see in each course content) and skill development on managerial effectiveness and leadership development because impactful management and leadership shape employees, their managers and their organisations in order to stay sharp and sustain their competitive edge.

We firmly believe that managerial and leadership skills stem from a blend of technical skills, people skills and conceptual skills.

Technical skills are the ‘how’ of the job, the knowledge, methods and skills to complete the tasks and achieve the results required.

People skills are the interpersonal skills to relate to and work with others, to develop their skills and competencies, motivate them and to evaluate and improve their performance.

Conceptual skills help in understanding the complexity of the organisation, its processes and its potential, to process information, identify problems and opportunities, formulate and implement optimal solutions and make decisions.


Our mission is to train managers and executives, their businesses and organisations, and postgraduate students to achieve continuous personal and professional success; and to inspire in them a creative and imaginative approach to management and leadership through our meticulously designed training courses.